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Meet Paul A Local Family Farmer

Meet Paul who is the oldest of four kids on a family farm business in Idaho. His parents Bill & Stephanie have been married forRead more

Meet Gabriella A Local Farmer

Meet Gabriella who is now a co-owner of “Fresh Is What We Have” with her best friend Shelly. Two years ago, Gabriella was able toRead more

Meet Sarah A Local Florist

Meet Sarah a local florist at the weekly farmers market in her city. She was looking to find a way to get the word outRead more

Do You Know the Difference Between?

Do You Know the Difference Between? Colors can take on different forms in various ways. For instance, RGB & CMYK are two totally different colorRead more


Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dawn. I am the Media Coordinator with Scuotto Graphics Plus (SGP). I would likeRead more

What is DPI?

In this ‘Quik Tip’, we will be discussing the term DPI: • What is DPI anyways? • Why is it important to know this term?Read more