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About Us

SGP Media Design Service provides a design service for all their clients. A service that starts right from the kick off meeting and follows through to the finish line.

When were not designing projects were speaking with people and educating them on Stuttering Awareness. Because some people might not know much about it or have encountered anyone with a stutter before, last, to give a little insight on what many stuttering people might have to struggle with everyday.

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What Are Clients Saying

My customer service experience has always exceeded my expectations.

Instructional Design Associates (I DE AS)

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What Can We Design Together?

• Business Cards
• Catalogs (digital)
• Flyers
• Logos
• Postcards
• Training Materials

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Our Work

Our clients are not from one industry or field they’re from many different ones. Ones like Automotive TrainingChurch EventsHair SalonsInstructional Design WritersPlumbingSmall Online Company to a Women’s Organization. The projects are as different as the clients for instance we’ve done projects like BrochuresStationary PackagesMicrosoft® PowerPoint® and Word Custom TemplatesTraining MaterialsBanners, postcards, bookmarkers to Logos and etc.

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An awesome and custom looking flyer could be yours to promote for your next event.

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We don’t use templates to create them, it’s all custom layouts.

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