September 8, 2021 in Stuttering

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Disclose My Stutter

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Think About This

Throughout your life you will meet so many different people who are in different stages or journey(s) of their life. That goes the same for you when someone meets you for the first time. They’re unaware of any achievements, addictions of any kind, what kind of daily struggles you can be trying to deal with in your life or anybody you have interacted with. All they‘re seeing is you in that moment of time. Those same things you aren’t able to see of them either.

Answer These Questions

1_If you had a struggle in your life, one that no one was aware of. Would you disclose that struggle to people throughout your life? Yes or No.

2_Let’s take that same question to the next level. What if, you came across a person for the first time. Would you be willing to disclose your life time struggle with them during normal conversion? Does the fact you wouldn’t be seeing this person again give you the confidence to disclose your struggle to them? Yes or No.

Find Out In The Video

My 3 reasons why I don’t disclose my stutter with people during normal conversions.

The Stuttering World

So many individuals have to decide on these types of questions and many more all the time. Do they disclose or not disclose they have a stutter to people they don’t know. This hard decision can be a difficult one for a Person Who Stutters (PWS) where as it can be an easier one for other ones. It all depends on the individual and where they are at in their life long stuttering journey.

For a PWS to disclose their stutter to anyone is a choice they will need to make for themselves. Nobody can tell them to disclose it or not to disclose it. It is up to the individual if they feel they want to.

On the other hand, maybe by disclosing it to certain people that you feel comfortable telling, it could start the healing process. Better yet, maybe it starts the healing process with the person your telling. On a totally different subject than stuttering, a struggle they have been having themselves. Maybe, by them seeing the confidence you have, it will give them confidence to open up about their struggle. You never know the possibilities that can open up by disclosing you have a stutter to others.

Leave You With This Thought

In our everyday busy lives, let’s try to remember, those people that might not be accepted or laughed at, because they have a stutter. Or people don’t know what to say or how to react. Let’s educate. People who stutter also have a voice and the right to be heard, just like anyone else does.


For now, that’s a wrap. I am the Stuttering Designer. Thank you for coming along on this journey.

See you in the next blog post. #StutteringDesigner out.

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