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Design Service

We provide design service(s) to our clients. A service that starts right from the kick off meeting and follows through to the finish line.

Our clients are not from a specific industry they’re from multiple types. For instance, Automotive Training, Church Events, Hair Salons, Instructional Design Writers, Plumbing, Business start-ups to a women’s organization. The projects are as unique as the clients themselves. For example, we’ve done projects ranging from Logos, Postcards, Bookmarks, Banners, Training Materials, Slides, to Social Media etc.


Stuttering Awareness

When we’re not designing, were speaking out and educating others on Stuttering Awareness. A disorder that affects 70 million people worldwide. Providing them with a little insight into what many stutterers struggle with everyday, I included. Because people of the stuttering community are still being teased, laughed at and disrespected these days.

2019 Christmas Coffee House Event (live presentation in front of 40+ people).

Client Feedback

My customer service experience has always exceeded my expectations.

Instructional Design Associates (I DE AS)

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Scuotto Graphics Plus (SGP) has been doing our design work since we opened our doors. The company has always treated us with the utmost integrity and honesty. We have always been satisfied with their performance, and with their customer service. We expect our vendors to keep us up to date on the progress of a project.

Suncraft Industries Inc.

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Churches are notorious for plain ol’ black ink “xeroxed” looking flyers. Scuotto Graphics Plus (SGP) is such a blessing to us as we are able to put out colorful, graphically dynamic promotional materials! Banners, Posters, Flyers, Postcards, Business Cards, Bookmarks. They also provide digital files for presentation software and web content.

Crossroads Multinational Church of the Nazarene (CMCN)

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Mission Statement

Stuttering Designer – To bring Stuttering Awareness to people that might not know much about it.

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• Business Cards
• Catalogs (digital)
• Flyers
• Logos
• Postcards
• Training Materials

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Our Work

Our clients are not from one industry or field they’re from many different ones. Ones like Automotive TrainingChurch EventsHair SalonsInstructional Design WritersPlumbingSmall Online Company to a Women’s Organization. The projects are as different as the clients for instance we’ve done projects like BrochuresStationary PackagesMicrosoft® PowerPoint® and Word Custom TemplatesTraining MaterialsBanners, postcards, bookmarkers to Logos and etc.

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An awesome and custom looking flyer could be yours to promote for your next event.

Tip For You
We don’t use templates to create them, it’s all custom layouts.

Scuotto Graphics Plus (SGP)
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