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A Fond Thanksgiving Memory

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Welcome back everyone to another blog post from sgpmediaservice I will be your host, Rick the StutteringDesigner.


A Fond Thanksgiving Memory

This time of year is when the weather changes from being those extremely hot days to orange & brown leaves falling off trees right through to shoveling snow. Depending on where you call home, you could see anyone of these types of weather conditions at this time of year. Whatever your weather might be don’t let it get you down this time of year. Because this is still the month that we celebrate thanks and giving also known as Thanksgiving.


One of my fond memories is when I was younger during this time of year. On Thanksgiving Day, my parents and I would pile into the car and take a long drive out to one of my aunt’s house for the day. Maybe it wasn’t that long of a drive, but it sure seemed like it at that age. I remember walking into their house and always smelling delicious food. It smelt so good. After we had arrived, other family members would also make an appearance. During the day I would spend time hanging out with one of my cousins who is around my age. We would play with his toys, video games, watch movies and I think even talk about bikes and rode around his house. You see, over the years he was getting more and more into BMX bike racing. Which was great for me because, I was also riding a bike where I lived or with friends when I wasn’t riding my skateboard. I had even built my own custom 20” BMX bike myself. I never really raced it; it was more for transportation then to race. But more on that subject in another blog post.


Another memory I have during that time in my life was the long road trips. To past the time away I would imagine myself riding a very powerful dirt bike with sound and all going the same speed of the car. Matter of fact I was always able to keep up no matter what the obstacle that was coming up. In my imagination I would ride next to the car on the freeway or on the dirt road next to the freeway. If a freeway or street over pass came up, no problem, just jump over it and land perfectly on the other side of it. If a mountain was coming up, again no problem, just ride up and over the dirt mountain and not even skip a beat. There was no need for any emergency equipment to show up even though I loved to watch the tv show called Emergency. Maybe, more on that childhood memory in another blog post. I had put countless miles over the years on my imaginary dirt bike with me riding it.


Let’s get back to other happenings that would go on throughout the day. With everyone ready to eat, we would gather around the table and eat, talk and eat, talk oh yes, and eat and talk. After stomachs were full from all of that delicious food it was time to just sit and veg. for a while. Stories & memories of different things would be talked about, laughed about and even cracking jokes was some of the normal conversations going on at the table. Occasionally card playing, or my uncle would bring out his acoustic guitar and play it for a little while. It was always happy times during those Thanksgiving visits.


For me those times will always be special to me as I reflect back on them now that I’m older. On a personal note, you would find me being part of the laughter but not really one of the talkers. My comfort place was listening to everyone else talking. But deep down, I was a shy kid and having a stutter might have made my shyness even stronger. To the point of trying to hide it, being ashamed of it, not wanting to draw any attention to myself because of it or even being laughed at for it. One of my older cousins and not the one mentioned in this blog post would tease me about it. Maybe, more on that subject or what happened when I was in boot camp while in the U.S. Navy Sea Cadets in another blog post.



For now, that’s a wrap. I am the StutteringDesigner. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube @sgpmediaservice and join the fam.

Thank you for coming along on this journey.

See you in the next blog post.

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