Crossroads Multinational Church of the Nazarene (CMCN)

The look has been updated to showcase the consistency across many different pieces. While at the same time developing an online presence through print and social media methods.

Branding Pieces

Primary & Secondary Logos

Stationary Package

  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Business Card

Project Note: This stationary package was designed to be printed at the client’s preferred printing place.

cmcn church colorful stationary packet business card, letterhead and envelope
cmcn church welcome card for visitors to fill-out
Welcome Card

Welcome cards are provided to new visitors to fill out and give back.

Project Note: This welcome card was designed to a specific size for the client. Also, the final piece was set up to be 4 on a page and printed in-house by client.

Mission Statement:

To Win People, Grow People, and Train People…
To Win People, Grow People, and Train People.

Project Note: This mission statement wheel was designed to represent a never ending full circle.

cmcn church mission wheel circle graphic

Signage, Brochure, Directory & Outreach

Outreach Banner, Work Day Banner, Sandwich Sign & Lawn Signage
cmcn different signs being displaced for advertisement

Project Note: These signage pieces was designed at specific sizes and reasons for the client. The banners were printed by Bing Banners and the Sandwich & Lawn were printed by Trinity Graphics, Inc.


The brochure is just one item among others that are placed into a special package and given to new visitors.

Project Note: This brochure (6-panels) was designed landscape on 8.50″ x 11.00″ paper stock. Also, to be double sided with 2 folds. The brochure is printed in-house by client.

cmcn church 6-panel colorful brochure for advertisement
cmcn church colorful directory cover and samples

Project Note: This directory was designed using software that the vendor provided for the creation. The final piece was designed to be double sided with included several photo pages of events and church information, members photos from their photoshoot and contact information. The photoshoot & directory printing was by Lifetouch.

Rockin’ Our World (Outreach)

This is a church event when a group of people pick a Sunday morning and have church outside of the walls. Taking church to the people in the community by doing various tasks like painting, landscape, cleaning, worship music or even just fellowship.

cmcn church colorful rockin' our world advertisement
cmcn church welcome bulletin advertisement
Bulletin Cover Template

Visitors will be given a weekly bulletin that will contain information about events or other items.

Project Note: This bulletin cover template was designed landscape on 8.50″ x 11.00″ paper stock. Also, to be double sided with a fold down the middle. The bulletin cover is updated weekly and printed in-house by client.

Sandwich Signage

Advertisement mockup.

cmcn church welcome sign advertisement
cmcn connect with us frontside business card advertisement
cmcn connect with us backside business card advertisement
Connect With Us

This “Connect With Us” business card was created to be used as an invite card. They can be passed out throughout the year and not for any specific reason. The best part is on the backside it contains all the needed information.

Project Note: This business card was designed 2″ x 3.50″ and to be double sided. The business card were printed by Next Day Flyers.

We Miss You

This “We Miss You” postcard was created to be used as a reminder card that a special person has been missed at church. On the backside is a place for a special message to be included on card. Once card is completed it can be stamped and put into the mail box.

Project Note: This postcard was designed 4″ x 6″ and to be double sided. The postcards were printed by Next Day Flyers.

cmcn we miss you frontside postcard advertisement
cmcn we miss you backside postcard advertisement
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