April 1, 2020

Do You Know the Difference?

Do You Know the Difference?

n today’s blog post well be discussing the difference between RGB & CMYK. Is there a difference between the two, what do you think, and which one would work best for you and your project?

RGB (Red, Green & Blue)

The color mode RGB, stands for Red, Green & Blue and is mainly used for displays. For example computer monitors, projection screens or etc., are configured to display in RGB. Graphics that are on the internet are in this same mode. As you can see there is several different display devices these simple three colors work on. These are only a few, there are many more devices.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black)

The color mode CMYK, stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black and is mainly used for print. Another example is business cards, menus, brochures etc. they were printed in this same color mode. Here is the difference between RGB and CMYK. RGB colors are made to display on a device brighter than colors of CMYK.

Things to consider when going to a printshop.

Items below depends on their policy:
  • Might not print file(s) saved in RGB color mode.
  • Could print your file(s) “as is” that were saved in RGB using CMYK colors. Expect the colors in your project to look different once printed.
  • Could request your file(s) to be re-saved in CMYK color mode and re-submitted before printing of the project can begin.
  • Might provide you with an option for them to convert your file(s) for you. By allowing them to make changes, additional charges could be added to your final invoice.
  • Either way, if you or the printshop makes the necessary changes to the file(s). It could prolong the length of time for project. Depending on the printing turnaround time, it could mean you meeting your deadline or not.
  • Each printshops equipment and setup will be different from each one. We recommend before you start your project to connect with the printshop you will be using. They will be able to guide you during the creation and optimally the printing of it.

Extra Tips:

  • Premium stock photos/graphics or no charge websites provide those in RGB color mode. My opinion is because they look better, file sizes are smaller/quicker to download. Receiving graphics in RGB can be converted during the creation period. By doing it then hopefully problems at print time can be avoided.
  • Knowing where the final project be used for is important and should be discussed during creation process.


For now, that’s a wrap. I am the StutteringDesigner. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube @sgpmediaservice and join the fam. Thank you for coming along on this journey. See you in the next blog post.

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