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Full of Love

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Welcome back everyone to another blog post from sgpmediaservice I will be your host, Rick the StutteringDesigner.


Full of Love

The new year has just started and we’re already in the month of February. February is known as the month of “love” along with other holidays that happen in the month. This month some couples will choose to get married or get engaged. Not to mention this is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The month of February has many different meanings to people. For some people they celebrate the love of their life on the 14th of this month for Valentine’s day. Other people might celebrate it for other reasons like birthdays, anniversaries or other things.

On the other hand, the month of February can be a very difficult time for some people. Depending on their own circumstances around a certain situation. Some people the reason might be because a child or loved one went missing, passed away, their divorce was finalized or a car accident to name a few. So many different reasons why this month might be difficult for people to handle and get through it.

For me, this is a month of birthday’s and sadness in the same month. You see, several family members birthdays are this month including my own. My father is also one of the birthday’s this month, but also this is the same month that he had passed away after a fight with cancer.

However, you decide to celebrate this month or not, take time during the month to celebrate the ones you love and remember the ones you have lost.



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