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Welcome back everyone to another blog post from sgpmediaservice I will be your host, Rick the StutteringDesigner.


Welcome to 2019

With another year passing by recently, are you the type of person who makes a New Year’s Resolution or one who sets a goal for the new year? Is there a difference between a New Year’s Resolution over setting a New Year’s Goal? Let’s try and break it down to understand the difference between the two. In doing this, maybe this might help you to decide which one is best for you.


Let’s start by giving you our personal opinion of what a New Year’s Resolution means to us.

Whenever you hear the term New Year’s Resolution from people or in the media, they always mention the go to ones. For instance, a person who wants to start exercising or going on a diet. Usually the start is good but gets derailed in a short amount of time. Depending on the type of person who is starting the new year’s resolution it could affect the overall outcome of it. Maybe a new year’s resolution is something to big to set all at once at the beginning of a new year. Because at the beginning of the new year you are excited about your new adventure, but then as time goes on things happen, life happens, you start missing days and then you start feeling overwhelmed from it. As time goes on, days goes on, you miss more and more until your new year’s resolution has fallen to the waste side. Which can even put you in a position worse than before you had even started. Maybe the thinking should change from setting a New Year’s Resolution to setting a New Year’s Goals. Let’s discuss what that could look like for a person next.


Now, let’s start by giving you our personal opinion of what a New Year’s Goal might look like to us.

When defining the word goal, we define it as a person wishing to achieve something by a certain time or date. You can also look at it as having a target that they are trying to reach or achieve. Some targets/goals maybe of a general statue or one that is more specific. When a person tries to set a goal, they usually start out with something small. For instance, start reading a book on a topic they know a little about or are interested in learning on a different topic. Start doing a sport or activity by themselves or with someone else/group. Maybe it might be to spend more quality time with someone else/group on certain days of the week/month. It could even be that a person might want to start a hobby of some kind to keep themselves busy or to do it with someone else. Last, having a goal of starting to eat more healthy food whenever possible, rather than going on a crash diet that would fail. Keep in mind these are only just a few small goal suggestions that we have mentioned here, there are all kinds and categories to pick yours from. Once the small goal has been accomplished, next step is to set a slightly bigger goal off of the smaller goal. By using this goal building strategy, you will be able to achieve many things that you see being an obstacle before starting this. But after you will be able to look back and see all what has been accomplished.



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