October 3, 2020

Meet Paul A Local Family Farmer

Meet Paul A Local Family Farmer

Today you’ll meet Paul who is the oldest of four kids on a family farm business in Idaho. His parents Bill & Stephanie have been married for many years. Most of their time of being married has been on the farm running the family business. Paul is the third generation to help run the farm. Bill & Stephanie own a 25-acre piece of land that Stephanie’s dad Greg left her in his will when he passed away. Bill & Stephanie met several years ago when Bill was selling vegetables out of his pick-up truck to help his family. The two hit it off from the very beginning, Stephanie would sometimes even go with Bill on days that she had some free time. She always liked how Bill would make her laugh. The two started dating and within a year they had tied the knot. Stephanie’s dad Greg really liked Bill and knew he would treat his daughter the right way. Unfortunately, he had passed away six months after Bill & Stephanie got married.

Since Paul’s parents are getting up there in age and looking to retire in a few years. Paul and his siblings, Peter, Kelly and Christine all have been stepping up and trying to do more around the farm alongside the hired help for the daily duties. Paul has mentioned several times to his parents about him taking over the farm business once they do retire from it. The family farm business is a huge supplier to the city grocery stores for their vegetables that they sell to the public.

One early morning Paul jumps into his pick-up truck and headed over to the weekly farmers market in town. He likes to stroll through it to see what’s available and meet any new vendors/people there. One day he met Mandey from “Fresh Is What We Have,” on a day that Gabriella happened to be out running errands for their business. Mandey and Paul started talking about business and how Paul’s parents own a farm that sells vegetables to the grocery stores in town. Before leaving that day, he gave her one of his company flyers from his truck. Both seemed like they hit it off well together in a professional way.

This morning Paul is heading back over to the farmers market, but this time to specifically meet with Mandey. She had called him a couple of days ago, just to see if he was available to stop by, to discuss an idea she was thinking about. When Paul arrived, Gabriella had just left a few minutes before to get more packaging supplies. Mandey pitched her idea of possibly expanding her business to start selling vegetables at her farmers market space. Even though knowing Paul’s farm usually just sells to stores in the city. Paul thought about it and mentioned to Mandey that he needed to discuss the idea with his parents, since they are sole owners of the farm business. Before leaving he picked up some of the fresh fruit that Mandey was selling on display. Right before Paul left, Gabriella came back with the supplies she went and got. She was able to meet Paul for the first time before he left. But Mandey’s idea of expanding the business was never mentioned.

A few weeks had gone by and Paul was in the area of the farmers market. So, he decided to stop by and talk to Mandey about her idea. Paul explained to her that he had discussed it with his parents and first they really didn’t want to. Because they felt their business belonged with the grocery stores and that was where they wanted to focus on and keep it at. But Paul was explaining to them that this could be a start to maybe expanding their own business, that it could be on a trial bases only to see how it goes. With many discussions about the idea of selling some of the vegetables to Mandey, his parents finally agreed to the idea. Paul told Mandey that his mom would never admit it, but her fresh fruit sold it for her. Mandey explained to Paul that she still needed to discuss it with Gabriella and her husband Kevin. Also, that Kevin was going to be out of town for another three weeks because of work. Only because this is his busy time of year at his job. Both agreed that they would re-connect once Mandey discussed her idea with Gabriella and Kevin. Before leaving Paul picked up some more fresh fruit for his mom.

The following few weeks when Paul came by to get fruit for his mom, Gabriella was there to help him with it. They started talking about different things and getting to know each other. Gabriella explained that up until a few years ago she was living in New York City, but now she lives here in Idaho. Also, she can’t imagine living anywhere else now, she just loves it here. Paul was telling her that for him, his siblings and parents they have always lived somewhere in Idaho, Idaho is the only state he knows.

A week or so has passed and Kevin gets back home from being out of town for several weeks. All three of them, Gabriella, Mandey & Kevin sat down and discuss her idea. Mandey explained that she has talked to Paul and he has talked to his parents. Mandey explained more to them that she has an idea of expanding their business a little then what it is. Her idea was to start possibly selling seasonal vegetables along with their normal seasonal fresh fruit. So, it would be like selling fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables at the same time side by side. Gabriella, brought up the idea of they might need to hire some help at some point. Overall, Gabriella and Kevin were on board with the idea, especially it being on a trial bases to start out with. Mandey told them that she would connect with Paul and work out all the details of it and get back with them on it. After discussing the business stuff Kevin went to go and spend more quality time with his two kids Nathan & Melissa before having to go out of town again. Mandey asked Gabriella, so what do you think of Paul, a nice guy right, right? She agreed, told her that he was a nice guy and fun to talk with. Then Mandey asked Gabriella, can I ask you a serious question? She replies, sure. Does it bother you that Paul stutters when he talks? Gabriella explained, nope, it doesn’t. Does it with you Mandey? Mandey replied, no, I’m fine with it too. Gabriella & Mandey stayed up for another hour talking girl talk before both went off to bed for the night.

The next time Paul came to get some fruit, Mandey let him know the good news about her idea. That both Gabriella and Mandey’s husband Kevin agreed to it. Then she mentioned that she would call him to work out all the details of it. Mandey leaned over to Gabriella, so what do you think of Paul again. Gabriella, slightly pushes her and tells her to stop. You see, Mandey was always known as a match maker when the two were growing up. Gabriella, told Mandey, he doesn’t like me that way, its only business with him and I. Mandey, quickly said, sure it is, you keep on saying that to yourself.

Several months have gone by and Mandey’s idea of expanding their business is in full swing and is going great. Paul and his family’s farm sells a portion of their vegetables to Gabriella & Mandey to sell alongside of their fresh fruits. Paul personally delivers the needed veggies that the women request to get from the farm each week. It’s a chance for Paul to see and talk with Gabriella for a few minutes at a time.

On a recent trip to deliver the stock of veggies to Gabriella & Mandey, Paul decided to ask Gabriella out on a date. He made the decision to take the plunge and ask her out even though he has a stutter. Paul viewed Gabriella & Mandey as ones that really wasn’t bothered by his stuttering. Unfortunately, in Paul’s view of his stutter and the rest of the world it isn’t the same. There have been days where Paul at times will get laughed at for his stuttering by people who don’t know. That’s why he tries to wear his light green pin on his shirt that symbolizes “Stuttering Awareness.” Also, it’s an ice breaker for him to inform ones that ask about it. Oh yes, did I forget to mention Gabriella said yes to Paul for a first date.

Fast forward a couple of years and Paul & Gabriella are married. They decided to have a December wedding at Paul’s family farm with family, friends and all their loyal customers both had. Gabriella has really embraced the whole holiday season while living in Idaho. You see, while living in New York City, she never really decorated her apartment, because she was single and either working or going out to Christmas parties all the time. She never really saw the need to decorate her apartment for the holidays. But now that she lives and has a life in Idaho, she really loves this time of year. Not to mention wherever you go you can see the traditional Holiday season of Christmas. Paul’s siblings and parents, Bill & Stephanie just love Gabriella, especially his mom since they retired, she can spend more time with her. Paul & Gabriella have talked about having kids in a couple of years from now. Let’s just say the rest is history.


Please Note:

All names & events are fictitious and were created to use solely for this post.


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