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Meet Sarah A Local Florist

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Meet Sarah A Local Florist 

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Today you’ll meet Sarah a local businesswoman who owns and operates a local florist business. Sarah loves the smell of fresh cut flowers to put in her home. Each week Sarah heads over to her local wholesale flower nursery to get some. Their she met the owner James, a nice guy who definitely has a green thumb and knows his business. On a visit, James suggested to Sarah that she should start-up a flower business and he could be her supplier. While Sarah is still trying to figure things out about running a business. James suggested that she try getting a booth at her local farmers market. She felt that was a great idea and proceeded to get one. A short time has passed, and Sarah is looking into getting the word out even more to her community and others.

She has a beautiful selection of seasonal flowers available, the reason why her customers keep coming back. Even one of her regular customers named Becky (a small event planner company) gave Sarah rave reviews of the quality of her flowers that she provides. Becky was hearing similar great reviews from her own clients at their events they would hold.

A couple successful months at the farmers market just by the word of mouth. Has her wanting to figure out who is her target customers and wanting more of them. Knowing she wants to expand and connect with other businesses that provide event planning for weddings, corporate and special events etc.  Her and Becky started to talk about it, because she knows Becky was in that industry already. Sarah brought up her idea of trying to market to these types of businesses. Becky mentioned that it was a great idea and if she could put some marketing promotional flyer together. That Becky would be more than happy to set them out at her client events.

After considering everything she came up with a strategy. A strategy that would involve, having a social media presence, providing each customer a printed promotional flyer with purchase, providing Becky with printouts as needed and even having a website presence. After months of trial and error, Sarah is now in her groove. She has an awesome website that keeps her new and fellow customers up to date on any new changes. Also, by having a social media presence she can provide specials, discounts or even communicate with her customers. A true win win for both.Graphic Image: Gabriella Profile Picture

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