– Mission Statement –

To bring Stuttering Awareness to people.

A Little History

Hello my name is Rick and I am consider a Person Who Stutters (PWS) just like millions of other people with the same disorder all over the world. For a quick run down, I have had a stutter every since I started to talk at the age of 2 or 3 years old. Going through elementary school was hard with the kids laughing and teasing for the way I was talking or reading in class. All through school I did attend speech therapy, but seemed it wasn’t helping to make the stutter to go away.

Stuttering Journey Begins

The journey began in mid 2018, where I combined my passion of design & a lifelong stutter together and created the concept of the Stuttering Designer. Since then I’ve started to create videos for my YouTube channel and other social media platforms, participated in events like “Learn One Thing hosted by Free From Stutter” or gave Stuttering Awareness Presentations at different events.

3 Main Reasons (WHY)

As a marketing strategy. Attract potential clients and showcase past clients design projects. Give graphic tips, tricks and discuss graphic topics like “Do You Know The Different Between RGB vs CMYK Colors” or “Is Black Really Black In Printing?” to name a few.

A form of personal speech therapy, trying to be in front of the camera and not always behind the scenes where I’m more comfortable.

As the journey continued I found a need to speak at different events on the topic of Stuttering Awareness. Talking with others on the topic and providing them with a little insight into what many of the stuttering community might have to be struggling with everyday.

Stuttering Awareness

Did you know that their are 70 million people who are affected by the disorder of stuttering/stammering worldwide. Not to leave out the 3 million people who are affected by the same disorder from the United States. The sad part is even though the large amount of people are being affected or the length of time that this disorder has been around. People who are struggling with this disorder in their daily lives are still being teased, laughed at and disrespected these days.

Social Media Feeds

In our everyday busy lives let’s try to remember those people that might not be accepted or laughed at because they have a stutter. Or people don’t know what to say or how to react. Let’s educate. Because people who stutter also have a voice and the right to be heard, just like anyone else does.

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Before I End

I ask you, whatever your struggling with. DO NOT let your struggle, that one thing DEFINE who you are. What amazing things do you want people to remember you by?