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Project Cancellation Policy

Since I the client had filled out & signed and submitted the Online Authorization Form to SGP. I was aware of the 2 business day for any project cancellation requirement. If I were to cancel it would be my responsibility to fill out and submit the Project Cancellation Form to SGP before the second business day at 5:00 pm (PST). To not have any further obligations with SGP.

Project Cancellation After 2 Business Days

If I the client decided to cancel the project after the 2 business days have elapsed there would be a service charge. I understand the service charge will be 25%-50% of the my total quoted price depending upon how much work has been completed at the time of cancellation.

Project Cancellation Summary Report

SGP will gather information and create a Project Cancellation Summary Report (break down) and email a PDF of the report to me. If SGP finds that a partial refund is warranted, it will be stated within the report. SGP will refund the amount stated in the report within 30 days in the form of a check.

All Project Files are Property of SGP I the client understand all project that are started and then canceled by the client and/or SGP, the client will have no rights to the project graphic files. All work is the property of SGP. Client may not take any samples/or the ideas of SGP to another company and/or person for completion of said project.