Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Project

Below we gathered important information that would be helpful for you to know.

Quick Overview of Project Process

1) Request a Project Quote.
2) Client Approves Project Quote.
3) Client Fills out the Authorization Form.
4) Client Makes an electronic PayPal down payment of 50% of total quoted.
5) Client Project gets created & signed off on.
6) Client Makes electronic PayPal payment of final invoice.
7) Client receives any graphic files (if any).

Project Quick Links

List of Projects

Request A Quote Form

Project Authorization Form

Project Cancellation Form

Project Services

At this time SGP only provides the service of design work and not printing service. SGP in some cases can recommend a printing service to you depending on your project and the kind of printing that could be needed.

Project Specifics
  • Do you have a time frame that you are needing your project completed by?
  • Do you have a project budget that you will be working from.
Project Payments
  • At this time SGP does not accept any net terms on any said projects.
  • To make each payment, you will receive an email from SGP that will include a special link to PayPal where you can make your payment. PayPal payment can be made with your account or debit/credit card only.
  • All project work will not begin until an Authorization Form & electronic Down Payment of 50% has been made through PayPal and has been received by SGP.
  • The remaining balance and any additional charges will appear on the final Invoice once the project has been completed. If any savings are to be awarded they will also appear on the final Invoice.
Project Cancellation Within 2 Business Days

Once you have given authorization to begin project, you will have within 2 business days to cancel the project in writing. It is your responsibility to submit the request by the second day at 5:00 pm (PST). All requests are to be submitted by the Project Cancellation Form for consideration and too establish when received.

Project Cancellation After 2 Business Days

If you decide to cancel the project after 2 business days have elapsed there will be a service charge. The service charge will be 25% – 50% of the total quoted price depending upon how much work has been completed at the time of cancellation. The 2 business days will begin once SGP has received the signed, dated & time stamped Authorization Form.

Project Cancellation Summary Report

SGP will gather information and create a Project Cancellation Summary Report (break down) and email a PDF of the report to you. If SGP finds that a partial refund is warranted, it will be stated within the report. SGP will refund the amount stated in the report within 30 days in the form of a check.

All Project Files are Property of SGP on Project Cancellations

All projects that are started and then canceled by the client and/or SGP, you will have no rights to the project graphic files. All work is the property of SGP. You may not take any samples or ideas of SGP to another company and/or person for completion of said project.