July 30, 2021

We Weren’t Made to Feel Cursed

Think About This

Have you ever thought about that one thing you haven’t disclosed to anyone how it could make you feel cursed? What if you were to flip it and started thinking, maybe it’s a gift or even a new purpose in your life rather than being cursed. Let’s say, by you having this struggle and sharing your life experiences about it. There is someone else who you don’t even know who is also struggling with it or something similar. But they’re not as open as you are with their struggle at that time. By you sharing your life experiences of it, in turn it helps them with theirs as well. In ways you might not have known you helped them. Even if you can help them to better deal with their struggle is a great thing at that. Now wouldn’t that be worth your time and energy to help just one person.

Find Out In The Video

Turning something that could be damaging to one’s life into something that could be a blessing to many other lives. Just by the words that are spoken by you. Be that inspiration to someone else today. Imagine all of the lives that could be changed for the better.

Leave You With This Thought

In our everyday busy lives, let’s try to remember, those people that might not be accepted or laughed at, because they have a stutter. Or people don’t know what to say or how to react. Let’s educate. People who stutter also have a voice and the right to be heard, just like anyone else does.


For now, that’s a wrap. I am the Stuttering Designer. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube @sgpmediaservice and join the fam.

Thank you for coming along on this journey.

See you in the next blog post.

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