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What is DPI?

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What is DPI?

In this ‘Quik Tip’, we will be discussing the term DPI:

• What is DPI?

• Importance of Term

• Relevance to Project


What is DPI?

If you print anything on a home or business printer, you are dealing with DPI. In this ‘Quik Tip’ we will be discussing DPI as it relates to graphics. The term DPI stands for “dots per inch.” Even this blog has been created using DPI. Basically, DPI consists of tiny dots, higher the DPI number is, the more tiny dots there are, which translates better quality graphic. In some graphic programs, you have the ability to change the graphic to a higher or lower DPI setting. In the graphic design industry, DPI is also referred to as resolution.

What you want to keep in mind is “what is the final piece going to be used for.” The final piece will dictate what DPI you will need to have the graphic or graphics set at.



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Importance of Terms

Low Resolution

72 DPI is considered low resolution. This type is known to be used for websites or presentations. Because these files are small in size and load fast, plus quality isn’t lost when viewing. If the same graphics were printed on your printer the quality would be very poor, the graphics would look fuzzy. SGP is not stating, this type of graphic shouldn’t be printed on a home or business printer. The resolution would be useful if you only needed the graphic for reference purposes only.


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Medium Resolution

150 DPI is considered medium resolution. This type of resolution is known for graphics that you plan on printing on your printer at home or in the office. The quality of the printout can also very from printer to printer. Basically, your standard home or business printer will be able to produce a quality graphic piece for samples. In addition, if you are happy with the quality that your specific printer prints out at, for any given project, then really that is all that matters.

High Resolution

300 DPI is considered high resolution. This type of resolution is known for print shops and professional printers. Your local print shop or professional printer can even reach 2,400 DPI or higher. It all depends on the print shop or professional printer’s set-up. DPI can range greatly from project to project, as you can see. The above DPI settings for low, medium and high are just a starting point and can very.

Many people print or view things that were created using a certain DPI and not even be aware of it. Even from your basic printers, scanners, monitors, copiers, fax machines, digital cameras and multi-purpose machines, they all deal with DPI. Here is one that you may or may not be aware of, all those websites that you surf on your computer. Those sites were all created using a certain number of DPI for the graphics that were placed on those sites.

SGP Final Thoughts

Remember when dealing with graphics, you want to keep in mind, “what is the final piece going to be used for.” For an example, you’re creating a graphic for a website or a brochure that will be sent to a print shop? You wouldn’t want to send the print shop a low-resolution graphic. If by chance you did send them one, the print shop would verify with you to make sure the quality of the graphic was correct, before printing your project. The end result of the printed piece wouldn’t be good. You never want to send a print shop a low-resolution graphic for printing. As you can see, DPI can play a very important role in the quality of your project.

Also, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with this graphic term. In case you need to have a graphic created, you should know what kind of graphic quality to except.

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